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Master of Business Administration


The Master of Business Administration program (MBA) at Belhaven University is truly a blend of the sophisticated academic world, the practical and technologically dependent career world, and the eternal world of Christian faith. The enabling thrust of our business degree, is to develop in students that rare level of discernment so much in demand, both globally and locally, and to give leadership and direction to those in the secular world who lack an ethical operating foundation.

The above qualities can best be developed in Master of Business Administration students through an intense program of both the appropriate academics advocated, and the verity of validating values to which the University, the Division of Business Administration, and each faculty member are totally committed.

MBA program classes are offered one night per week. The format is a concentrated, continuous approach. Students are required to participate in Project Team activities within each course, designed to enhance the learning process and the development of problem-solving skills.

Objectives of the Master of Business Administration Program

The Master of Business Administration program seeks to develop persons who can function successfully in upper middle management and top management positions. The emphasis is on strategic management concepts and principles. The M.B.A. program makes use of recent research findings, uses complex computer models, stresses the importance of human relations skills, and integrates strategic management processes through a Christian worldview.

The following educational objectives are those of the M.B.A. program:

Program Format

Our MBA and MSL courses are delivered in a blended format, which will give students the opportunity to learn in both classroom and online environments. Lectures are presented online, and classroom time is devoted to discussion of relevant topics. This format allows students the opportunity to revisit the lectures as many times as they would like, in order to fully grasp the content. The online delivery of the lectures can be viewed at the student’s convenience. The class time gained by having lectures online allows students more time to interact with their instructors and peers. This time is spent learning how to apply the course content in the workplace.

Curriculum Summary

Master of Business Administration Courses
Course #TitleCredits
MSL601 Introduction to Graduate Education 3
MBA624 Ethical Problems in Business 3
MBA615 Business Foundations 3
MBA680 Quantitative Decision-Making 3
MBA640 Organizational Behavior 3
MBA643 Financial Analysis 3
MBA646 Legal Environment of Business 3
MBA658 Managerial Economics 3
MBA664 Marketing Management 3
MBA682 Principles of Executive Leadership 3
MBA688 or
Business in a Global Environment or
MBA687 Strategic Planning 3


Students who desire to pursue a MBA may already know the field they intend to work in, and will benefit from the opportunity to add a concentration to the core MBA. These concentrations lengthen the program by six hours, and allow students to gain additional information that will enhance their education and future careers. These concentrations are only available online.

The Leadership concentration allows students to look in-depth at leadership topics through the guidance of experienced faculty who will assist them in handling leadership situations. The courses provide a focused study of situations that arise while leading others.

MBA with Leadership Concentration Curriculum Summary

The Sports Administration concentration is designed for students who would like an MBA but are interested in the field of Sports Administration. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty will assist students throughout the Sports Administration courses. The courses provide a focused study of issues and topics related to the management of sports programs.

MBA with Sports Administration Concentration Curriculum Summary

The Human Resources concentration allows students to look into and experience the field of Human Resources. The courses will have a heavy focus on the study and application of human resource principles. Students will explore areas of study that include employee relations, compensation and benefits, and look at current issues in the field.

MBA with Human Resources Concentration Curriculum Summary

The Health Administration concentration is designed for students who would like an MBA but are interested in the field of Health Administration. The program allows students to examine, through the guidance of experienced faculty, the field of Health Administration. The courses provide a focused study of issues within the complex world of healthcare.

MBA with Health Administration Concentration Curriculum Summary

Course Descriptions

See University Catalogue for Master of Business Administration course descriptions.

Admission Information

Up to 6 hours of accredited graduate work may be transferred if a B or better has been earned in each course. A 2.8 cumulative GPA or a 2.8 GPA in the last 60 hours from undergraduate work is required for admission or 9 hours of graduate work with a B in each course. REQUIRED: Completion (with grade of a "C" or better) of College algebra or higher mathematics course.
Students applying to the Master of Business Administration degree program must also submit the following:


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