Chattanooga Adult Studies Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about finishing your degree? Then let's keep talking. See if our answers below shed more light on your concerns. We want you to feel comfortable with the education plan we have to offer. Click on any questions below to learn more. If you have any additional questions, please call our office at (423) 265-7784 or

Is this doable with a full-time job and a family?

Yes. One of our students worked 50 hours a week while he was a student. Another worked third shift while remaining active at home and at church. Many of our students are single parents and are able to balance work, school, and their roles as full-time parents. Our programs are designed with the busy, working adult in mind.

How are classes formatted?

A variety of methods and tools are utilized in the classroom and/or virtual classroom to blend theory into practice. Belhaven University offers its students on campus, virtual campus and 100% online course options. Many classes meet on campus. Our virtual classroom utilizes video conferencing software and a live instructor, while our 100% online courses allow students to take advantage of flexible class times. Students enrolled in any program at Belhaven University need to have access to a computer with a webcam and a reliable internet connection.

How is Belhaven different from other schools?

What sets Belhaven apart from others is our commitment to the Christian worldview and our reputation for personal attention. We believe an education is part of God's plan for your life, so Belhaven gives you a biblical foundation for examining all of life, including your education, work, and family. And from the day you enroll to the day you graduate, our full-time professors and advisors are never too busy to answer your questions, return your calls, or do what it takes to help you graduate. We think you'll notice the difference.

Will it fit in with my religious beliefs?

Yes. While our curriculum is built on a Christian worldview, everyone is free to express his or her own beliefs. Our professors and students enjoy the interaction and discussion that takes place in class.

Am I just a number, or will I receive individual attention?

Your professors will know you by name. Your classmates will be like family. So will our friendly staff. Does that sound like "a number" to you?

Will my college credits count—even from 30 years ago?

We will need to evaluate your official transcripts to see exactly what will transfer. However, the length of time between the present and the time you took a course is not an issue. Download the Transferability of Credit Notice.

I'm not as young as I used to be; is it too late for me to finish college?

No. It's never too late for you to finish your degree. Many of our students are grandparents, and some have been in the workforce for over 30 years.

Aren't there less expensive programs out there?

Frankly yes, but when it comes to a college degree, you often get what you pay for, and with a degree, you can boost your lifetime earning power by about $1 million. That's how much more a typical college graduate makes than someone who never finished college. So don't chance your professional future on the cheapest or quickest program. Choose the one whose reputation precedes you into the interview.

How can I pay for this?

Many area employers reimburse tuition expenses. Check with your human resources department. Also, Pell Grants and Stafford Loans are also available from the federal government for those who qualify. Talk to an admission representative about scholarships. You can do this; we can help!

What does it mean to be a Military Friendly School?

Military Friendly Schools

Belhaven University has designed our programs with the military in mind. Military personnel can attend classes at one of our six campus locations or participate in our online program. We offer a tuition discount for military and participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. We also participate in other veteran's benefits programs.