Master of Science in Leadership with Human Resources Concentration

The Master of Science in Leadership with Human Resources Concentration allows students to look into and experience the field of Human Resources. The courses will have a heavy focus on the study and application of human resource principles. Students will explore areas of study that include employee relations, compensation and benefits, and look at current issues in the field.  Students who desire to pursue a MSL may already know the field they intend to work in, and will benefit from the opportunity to add a concentration to the core MSL degree program. Note, the concentration classes are only offered online.

The Master of Science in Leadership degree program at Belhaven University is a 36 semester credit hour graduate program designed to enhance the professional skills of business managers and executives. The program is designed for adult professionals who seek to develop and increase their management and leadership roles in business, education, church, and other areas of their professional lives.

Designed to develop the individual's ability to comprehend internal and external social, legal, political, and economic forces as they affect the decision-making process within the organization, the program has been structured to serve both holders of baccalaureate degrees in business as well as other disciplines. Classes are offered one night per week. Students are required to participate in weekly learning team activities which are designed to enhance the learning process and the development of problem-solving skills.  See the objectives of the Master of Science in Leadership program.

Additionally, the Master of Science in Leadership program at Belhaven University fully aligns with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. Belhaven is one of only 355 educational institutions in the world to be acknowledged by SHRM. 


Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
MSL 601 Introduction to Graduate Study 3
MSL/MBA 624 Ethical Problems in Business 3
MSL/MBA 640 Organizational Behavior
MSL 630 Leading High Performance Teams 3
MSL 643 Finance, Accounting and Budgeting for Leaders 3
MSL 686 Strategic Leadership 3
MBA 646 The Legal Environment of Business 3
MSL 658 Principles of Executive Leadership 3
MSL 660 Current Issues in Human Resources 3
MSL 665 Coaching, Mentoring and Resolving Conflict 3
MSL 668 Leadership in Organization Change 3
MSL 670 Capstone Seminar in Organizational Leadership 3
Total 36

Students can select 2 of the 3 electives (online only).

Course # Course Name Credits
MSL 661 HR Employee Relations 3
MSL 662 HR Compensation and Benefits 3
MSL 663 Issues and Innovations in Human Resources 3

Admission Information

Up to 6 hours of accredited graduate work may be transferred if a B or better has been earned in each course. A 2.5 cumulative GPA or a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 hours from undergraduate work is required for admission or 9 hours of graduate work with a B in each course.

Students applying to the Master of Science in Leadership degree program must also submit the following: