Bachelor of Arts in Social Services with Criminal Justice Concentration

Belhaven University seeks to introduce all students to the study of human behavior and mental processes within a Christian worldview context. The Bachelor of Arts in Social Services degree is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge and prepare students for future study in the field of social services. Emphasis is placed on developing the students' ability to understand and apply social service principles in their everyday lives, and an important goal is to help students in their ability to appropriately interrelate their social service degree and the Christian faith.

Adding a criminal justice concentration to Belhaven’s Bachelor of Arts in Social Services is ideal for adults who want to focus on leadership within the judicial and correctional system. As part of Belhaven’s online format, this degree fits into any busy, working adults schedule while providing students with the tools to succeed.

The criminal justice classes emphasize the roles of leaders in the workplace and includes courses in communication, research based decision-making, business law, human resources, marketing, computer applications, communication and business fundamentals.

Belhaven University has developed each course to build upon the previous one in a sequence. Each course is offered in a six week format. Students meet one night a week for four hours of classroom instruction and periodic project team meetings.



Curriculum Summary

Course # Course Name Credits
PSY203 General Psychology 3
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC202 The Family 3
PSY243 Human Growth and Development 3
PSY312 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOC201 Social Problems 3
PSY340 Counseling Theory and Techniques 3
SOC220 Race, Gender and Diversity 3
SOC310 Death, Dying and Grief 3
PSY342 Psychology of the Exceptional Child 3
BIB360 Global Social Responsibility 3
SOC350 Social Services Practice I 3
SOC351 Social Services Practice II 3
S0C370 Social Service Field Experience 3
WVC401 Kingdom Life 3
Core 45
General Ed 40
Electives 39
Total 124
Criminal Justice Concentration
CJU320 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJU407 Criminology 3
CJU412 Police Organizations 3
CJU419 Justice and Society 3